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The client entrusted us with the integration of Interior, Architecture, and Branding, allowing us to unify our expertise across these three disciplines. Tasked with transforming a 1939 home into a historical homage with a colonial style, our approach involved a renovation that preserved the house's inherent charm. Art Deco elements and pieces were thoughtfully incorporated, and we curated a furniture proposal. Additionally, we comprehensively handled branding aspects, ranging from logos to guest welcome packages, to ensure a cohesive and harmonious transformation of the space.

1 Main House, 3 Cottages

3,400sqft. Interior

Type: Commercial Boutique


New Providence, Bahamas

Branding - Visual Story

As part of the comprehensive branding package, we developed a visual style guide to establish a sense of consistency and aesthetic coherence. This guide serves as a blueprint for crafting a distinct brand identity, ensuring uniformity and a cohesive visual language across the architecture and interior. 

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